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A revolutionary platform designed for translation and localization project managers. Experience how the intuitive interface, developed by industry insiders, ensures a natural workflow and enhances efficiency - from the organized dashboard to the logical process steps.

Reduce your number of clicks with a user-friendly yet comprehensive solution that covers all stages of your project workflow, from quoting to billing and reporting. What sets FlowDezk apart is its adaptability: it's fully customizable, both within the solution and through API integrations with third-party solutions. This all-in-one platform simplifies complex tasks, promising a streamlined approach that adapts to your business requirements. Watch the video for a quick summary.

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Project Dashboard

The project dashboard offers a streamlined overview of active projects, highlighting urgent deadlines with warnings. Tailored to individual roles, it displays relevant projects which can be filtered and sorted by various criteria, searched by description and color-coded according to personal preferences. Crucial planning and financial details as well as related projects are readily accessible in pop-ups, avoiding deep dives into each project's specifics. The intuitive and configurable status bar reflects project phases, updating automatically or manually to accommodate company-specific processes. Additionally, direct actions like claiming, transferring, or archiving projects are facilitated through a dedicated menu, enhancing workflow efficiency. This configurable interface ensures a focused, user-friendly management experience.



Initiate your project workflow on the Quoting tab, entering projects manually or leveraging API connectors to automatically receive projects from client systems. FlowDezk seamlessly integrates with third-party TMS solutions like Trados and XTM, allowing full project creation and processing from the convenience of your FlowDezk interface. If you manually add a project, you simply enter all relevant project data on this tab, from language combinations, additional services and CAT analyses to scheduling and pricing details. Ready? Just upload your files, apply discounts, and preview your quote. Once it's been dispatched as a polished PDF using a custom email template, all you have to do is wait for client approval. Upon confirmation, FlowDezk fluidly transitions you to the Resourcing phase, maximizing project management efficiency.



In an integrated approach, FlowDezk optimizes resource management and vendor selection by incorporating comprehensive planning features, financial data and intelligent file handling in a single process. Start by pre-booking resources, reviewing their qualifications, domain/tool expertise and rates (which are managed in a smart negotiation mechanism for reliability). Make informed decisions on what to assign to whom using detailed profiles, review scores and skill criteria. Use the file management feature to upload files or to copy them between tabs and to make them available to vendors. Send your project heads-ups and confirmations through customizable hand-off templates, incorporating file download and upload links, instructions, cost summaries and delivery schedule details. Vendors receive e-mail triggers at various milestones and can manage their projects in their vendor portal. Experience the unique simplicity of managing vendor selection, project planning and PO generation from a single tab.



Efficiently finalize projects in FlowDezk, navigating through crucial stages with just a few clicks. Start by ticking off ISO items in the configurable checklist on the Delivery tab to ensure quality, then utilize the smart file management features to streamline post-processing and direct file delivery to your client. If you're using the Trados connector, this is also where you monitor project progress and fetch files from your Trados account.Keep updating statuses for languages and services until you're ready to push your project to the 'Delivered' status and prepare it for financial processing. The Finance tab, which integrates FlowDezk's adaptable billing module and/or any custom API you've added for your accounting software, streamlines invoice generation and management. Experience how FlowDezk accommodates both generic and specific workflows, directly communicating relevant financials with clients and vendors.


Vendor portal

FlowDezk revolutionizes vendor management with the most straighforward interactive vendor portal you've ever seen. Availability, language/tool skill and rate information entered by vendors is available to project managers in real-time and vice versa, allowing informed decisions on project assignments by both vendors and project managers. Rates are determined through a smart negotiation system that ensures both parties agree. Compliance with ISO 17100 is streamlined through automatic documentation tracking, which will make your ISO audits a breeze. The vendor dashboard provides suppliers with a succinct project view, prompting proactive management. The financial management feature allows invoice uploads, PO downloads and payment status updates, offering both you and your vendors a holistic view of project financials.



Need to know which clients are profitable and which vendors contribute to your bottom line? FlowDezk optimizes your business intelligence by swiftly generating comprehensive financial and wordcount statistics reports, revealing company revenues, margins and production volumes per client, timeframe, status and/or vendor. Segmentation features provide valuable insights through detailed tables and visualizations. Pie and line charts in particular show client profitability and temporal company performance at a glance, while configurable tables offer project deep dives. FlowDezk facilitates data exportation to Excel for extensive analysis and features a smart currency conversion tool, ensuring multi-currency financials are unified into your preferred currency, streamlining the analytical process. Benefit from a solution that is an answer to both your project and business management needs.

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